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109.01 Product Plus

Why Model 109 is a best deal in the market?

After 2 years of immense efforts, VibraSens is proud to introduce his compact accelerometer model 109. It is actually the world smallest (dual case isolation with faraday shield) sensor with M12 glass seal connector. Additionally, it has many important features which makes it superior than other such sensors:

  1. Annular shear design with faraday shield 
  2. 80 g dynamic range (competition achieves only 50g).
  3. Bias is stable +-5% over the complete temperature range -40°C to +120°C. (Competition achieves -50% at 120°C)
  4. Sensor is protected against shock occurring when using a magnet. (Competition has no protection and many sensors are destroyed by an overload of the input mosfet transistor)
  5. Sensor is protected against miswiring. (Competition has no protection)

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