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125.01 Product Plus

Best about Model 125, which makes it a better deal:

  1. Glass seal connector has a life time warranty hermetic sealing. (Epoxy sealing is not a long term reliable solution). Integral cable is also not glass seal tight
  2. Connector is fully made of AISI 316L with no plastic parts. It withstands 120°C and many chemicals
  3. We use annular shear design not obsolete compression design. (Reading values are not sensitive to cable motion)
  4. Our frequency range is extended for low speed machine 3 Hz to 1000 Hz. Obsolete compression design only provides 10Hz to 1000 Hz
  5. Thanks to the latest electronic design, our sensors are more compact than most competitors (Hex 22mm, height = 47mm).- Each sensors shipped carries a calibration certificate with the actual readings
  6. We have developed a special M12 cordset with AISI 316L stainless steel nut and IP 68 rating

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