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New ICP, industrial accelerometer, top connector, Model 101.01

New ICP, industrial accelerometer, top connector, Model 101.01

12th Jul 2019

VibraSens today announced that his new general purpose, industrial accelerometer, 2-pole MIL 5015 top connector has been successfully tested and is released for production.

This sensor offers unprecedented price to performance ratio.

On top of standard accelerometer features like ground isolation, shear design, ICP, this accelerometer offers:

Annular shear design
Annular shear design offers better performance than other shear design. As a matter of fact, annular design presents no particular orientation and is therefore better immune to harmful transverse vibrations that often causes saturation of integrated acceleration, velocity or displacement signal.

Hybrid thick film technology on alumina
Alumina ceramic substrat provides a better thermal conductivity that greatly increase the reliability of the accelerometer when use in high temperature environment. It also offers improved signal to noise ratio and better stability over laminate technologies.
2nd order low pass filter that attenuates and almost suppress the mechanical resonance that usually causes saturation and signal distortion. It also provides an antialiasing filter for data acquisition system.

Hermetic sealed sensor . IP68, helium leak tested accelerometer brings years of trouble free operation in harsh environment.

Finally this sensor incorporates all the latest technology that will help you to make problem free measurement and cleaner signal a reality.